Process Safety, Refrigeration Safety and Risk Management

Made Easy!

ePSM is a web based compliance software that will help you comply with OSHA's - Process Safety Management and EPA's - Risk Management requirements. In addition to these federal requirements, state and local requirements or any other item can be added to your program within seconds, the possibilities are endless.

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ePSM takes the guess work out of OSHA's - Process Safety Management and EPA's - Risk Management, with its powerful alarming features, by default the ePSM will alarm for every element required by OSHA's - Process Safety Management and EPA's - Risk Management and even your state's Tier II reporting requirement.

As federal OSHA and EPA regulations change, so will the ePSM, making it effortless to comply with regulation changes.


No need to search through stacks of paper or a file cabinets. Your data is stored electronically and is easily accessible.

Using ePSM is as easy as it gets. Anyone on your team will be able to use our software.

Receive notifications online and by email for upcoming and elapsed tasks.

Track your refrigerant inventory to ensure nothing goes missing. With the inventory management feature you will be able to add refrigerant purchased and account for all losses to the inventory due to inventory evacuations, line breaks or incidents. At any giving time, you will know exactly what the current systems inventory is.

Unlimited file and data storage.

You're data is 100% safe with our off-site redundant backup system, you're data is backed up daily to multiple servers.

Our support team is available to answer your questions.

You can access your program 24/7 with any internet ready device.

You're data is 100% you're data! You will be able to download all program files at any time.